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HLTHPUNK Smoked Harissa Chilli Paste

HLTHPUNK Smoked Harissa Chilli Paste

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Hot, smoky harissa chilli paste. This HLTHPUNK paste is fully vegan and brimming with flavours of cayenne, cumin, oregano, turmeric and more. 

  • 150g tube
  • Use for roasted veg, hummus and pasta dishes
  • Suitable for vegans
Ingredients and Nutrition

Ingredients: Water, sweet smoked paprika*, olive oil*, cayenne chilli* (3.5%), paprika*, sea salt, orange juice concentrate*, acerola*, coriander*, cumin*, garlic*, onion powder*, lemon juice concentrate*, turmeric*, oregano*, Szechuan pepper*. *Organic

Nutrition per 100g: Energy 143kcal / 593kJ, Fat 8.70(of which saturates 7.00g), Carbohydrate 9.00g (of which sugars 2.80g), Protein 2.80g, Salt 3.30g.

Storage Information

Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 3 months.


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